Utah Man, Angry With Guests, Murders Couple And Tosses Down Mineshaft


Jerrod Baum

Jerrod Baum was infuriated when his girlfriend had a teenage couple in his home.  He had told Morgan Henderson to never have male visitors over at their residence.  He was in fact so upset with their presence in his home that he drove them out to the desert, seventy-five miles from Salt Lake City, Utah. He then proceeded to beat, assault, stab (at least once to the groin) and murder Riley Powell in front of his girlfriend, Brelynne Otteson.  I can’t imagine the horror, helplessness, and torment that went through both of their minds.
riley powell

Riley Austin and Brelynne Otteson


But Baum was not done yet, after he stabbed Powell to death in front of his girlfriend. He then turned his attention to Otteson.  He stepped behind her and casually slit her throat. He did all of this shortly after congratulating the teenage couple on getting ready to have a baby (which was not accurate).  But the shear audacity of the comment bears a commitment to cruelty hard to comprehend.
With no regard to life and suffering, Baum tossed both bodies down a deep abandoned mine shaft to which their bodies remained for three months.
The couple’s bodies were only found after Jerrod Baum’s girlfriend, was interrogated involving a separate case and lead authorities to the bodies.
Baum is being charged with aggravated murder, kidnapping, and the desecration of a body among other things.   In a statement to his girlfriend, Baum claimed to have never killed an innocent before, which alludes to a past probably riddled with carnage.   Baum is eligible for the death penalty.
Our hearts go out to the families of Riley Powell and Brelynne Otteson.   May they find comfort and peace.
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Daughter Gouges Out Mothers Eyes…Leaves On Display

Camille Balla

I will just put this bluntly, Camille Balla murdered her mother, and then in a show of perhaps perverse drug induced religious demonstration, gouged out her mother, Francisca Monteiro-Balla’s eyes with shards of broken glass.  She then left the removed eyeballs on a cardboard box for authorities to see.

When she was arrested at the scene, she began to shout hysterically: “I’m a murderer! I’m a murderer!”

No truer words were ever spoken at a crime scene.   Before she killed her mother, Camille Balla stated that she smoked marijuana that she believes was laced with PCP.  There were also notes found in the home referring to the “clearing of the soul”. whatever esoteric gibberish that might have referred to is unknown.

I can’t imagine what the realization must be like to understand that you have killed your mother in a drug induced fury and then to come to terms with the barbarism of cutting out the eyeballs.  It’s almost beyond fathoming.   PCP has been linked too many such horrific crimes including that of cannibalism.

Camille is being held without bond and is being charged with murder.



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Son Kills Father, Severs Penis, and Poses For Facebook Selfies

Well, here’s something we thankfully don’t hear about every day.  Carl Edmondson, got an order of protection on his 26 year old son, Carlton Edmondson on November 20th of this year, after the latter through a brick through his father’s window.  And apparently that was for good reason because five days later, while performing a welfare check, police found the elder Edmondson’s body at the bottom of his basement stairs.  His skull was bashed in to the point that his brain matter was scattered everywhere.   There were multiple stab wounds found over his body.  And of course, his penis was severed from his body, because why wouldn’t that be a thing?  

And how do we know that this grotesque crime came at the hands of one Carlton Edmondson?  Great question.  He posted his crime on Facebook.  He actually took a selfie with a blood stained jacket (see above).  He took another with his father’s bashed skull.  Ahhhh…but that’s not all:  He also tried to sell his father’s penis on FB with the sales pitch: ‘$15million f4 tHE d***’

During the bond hearing, the defendant could be heard snickering as the charges were read leading to the judge ordering him to be removed from the court room.  He has been ordered to have a psychiatric exam.


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Mother Murders Children…By Placing Them In Oven…Video Chats Father

It’s distressing to think that there is this much mental illness in the world today. We are constantly bombarded, or I consistently find stories like the one I am about to describe in Lamora Williams.

Lamora was a 24 year old mother of three children. She was described as being mentally unstable by her family as a child. She was removed from public education because she could not keep up according to her mother. She was dealing with postpartum depression since the birth of sons Ja’Karter and Ke’Younte. And perhaps the last straw that broke her psyche was when her boyfriend and father of the children, Jameel Penn, left her.

It was the culmination of these events that lead Lamora Williams to place her 1 and 2 year old child into an oven, turn it on, and walk away until they roasted to death. These beautiful children died in an oven!!! These babies were cooked to death! I can’t imagine the horror and the torture that they endured. It is probably more than most of us will surmise in an entire lifetime. She then, in an act of spite, vengeance, or sickness Video Called her ex-boyfriend, and showed him the bodies of his lifeless children. I can’t comprehend the pain of this man and that of the family.

I break just a little bit every time I hear a story like this because the cruelty, even through sickness, is a little hard to bare. And again, this is not an isolated story, many mothers and fathers have killed their children this year alone, because the “devil told them to” or “it’s God’s will”. It’s a phenomenonm that is in all communities. And the only ones who can combat these atrocities is the vigilance of loved ones and family.




The Japanese Serial Killer: Takahiro Shiraishi

Sometimes a story comes along that is enough to shock humanity. These days, that takes a lot, but by now most of us have now heard the initial story of Takahiro Shiraishi. He is the 27 year old Japanese man who appears to be responsible for the deaths and dismemberment of nine individuals.

Apparently he dwelled in the dark recesses of life and the internet. Shiraishi skipped out on a grocery store job shortly after high school and then became a ‘Talent Scout’ in the sex industry, targeting young women for prostitution. He gained a poor reputation in this industry (which should speak volumes if you are known for nefarious dealings here).

Through the internet, on Twitter, he went by the name, ‘HangingPro’. From that account he attempted to recruit women who were in despair and wanted assistance in committing suicide. He established a connection base on empathy and helpfulness, but in the end it was his selfishness, depravity, and perhaps depression that drove him.

He used statements such as the following to lure and isolate his victims into comfort:

“I want to help people who are really in pain. Please DM me anytime.”


“It is not good to tell friends, family members and social networking sites that you are going to die before committing suicide.”

He killed nine people over the course of two months, one man and eight women all of whom were young, from 17 to mid-20s in age. The man was killed as a witness to his girlfriends murder. The motives are still muddled and perhaps numerous. They include the desire to rape some women, though it unclear if they were indeed raped. He also is said to have robbed one of the victims of 3,400 Yen.

Friends and early acquaintances of Shiraishi as quiet but social and not a sense of the impending man he would become. He solicited murder and performed violence at uncommon and gruesome rate for Japan. Police found heads, limbs, and his bloody tools of the trade when he was arrested this passed Tuesday. I am sure we will here more of this story in the coming months.


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One Man Kills Another Over…Hot Pockets!

Just when you think the stories can’t get any worse and the rationale for murder can’t be any more petty…along comes news such as this that reminds us that new lows can always be set.

Nathaniel Mathis shot his Brother-In-Law, Rodney Benton, last July because he and Mathis’ sister failed to bring back his favorite snack…Hot Pockets. And not only did he just shoot Mr. Benton….but HE SHOT HIM 8 TIMES.

What adds to the preponderance is the reason why the couple could not bring home the Hot Pockets. The debit card Mr. Mathis provided was rejected at the Super Market.

Sounds like an utterly trivial way to die. Nathaniel Mathis was given a Life + 10 Years sentence earlier this year which is why he is gracing our pages now.





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Deadly attacks in Egypt’s Sinai target soldiers, military says


At Least 14 Killed In Iraqi IDP Camp Suicide Bomb


Seven killed in disputed Kashmir in cross-border shelling


Somali militants kill 2 police during extended raid on Kenyan town


Suspected Boko Haram militants kill nine, abduct dozens in Niger


Pakistani politician shot dead in Baluchistan province


Suicide blast kills two at bus station in Syria’s government-held Hama


Kurdish militants kill security forces, workers in southeast