Teacher Watched Kids’ Sex Acts

Officials: Teacher watched kids’ sex acts – U.S. news – Crime & courts – msnbc.com.

Well, I hate for a post that involves children to be my first post on this newly formed blog but I think this represents the exact reason that this blog was put together.  It is to make you aware that these things are happening right under our noses.  As parents (if you are indeed one) we must be cognizant and vigilant for our children’s safety, even in places that we may deem them to be the safest.

When a teacher, a person whom most all parents trust, becomes a voyeur to second graders performing sex acts I twinge with anger and disbelief. I can not understand how sick a person must be to extract some joy and pleasure from it.  It disgusts me to the core.

“We believe if the reports are true, there was a serious lapse of judgment or lack of supervision in the classroom,” said Troy Flint, a spokesman for the Oakland Unified School District.

How much understated can this be?  Lack of supervision in the classroom?  Really? That’s what the School District is going to go with?  A couple of children without clothes in a classroom setting, and we are going with anoversight? How can someone be a party to this?  These are children who now will irrevocably be changed because they were prompted by someone they trusted to engage in sex acts.  Short of rape I can’t  think of a more heinous crime.

I pray for justice in this case.  I pray for the well-being of the families and the children.  I pray that you all look to your own child’s safety and keep the lines of communication open.