Meth Addiction + Parenthood = Stabbed Baby

Danielle Mailloux’s six week year old child was found to have multiple stab wounds which seemed to be the result of somebody sticking the child with a kitchen knife.  I am far from the perfect parent, but I have to wonder what kind of psychotic break with reality this young lady had.  I can’t imagine the pain of a child who is being oked and prodded like a Thanksgiving day turkey with a kitchen knife.

And to make matters worse, in 2009 she had a baby that was carried to term and was stillborn.  That baby was stillborn because she was taking Meth during her pregnancy and the baby essentially could not handle the toxins.

It’s at times like these that I clamor for a parenting license.  Just because you are able to have children doesn’t mean you should.  I say this from the standpoint of an adoptive father.  My son was disregarded by his biological family because they could not overcome addictions.  They couldn’t make the right choice and this is simply another demonstration of someone who treats her kids like they are disposable.  Oh something happened to baby A?  Well I will have baby B.  The cycle continues.

Society is depressing.

Original Link:

Bakersfield Local News


One response to “Meth Addiction + Parenthood = Stabbed Baby

  1. Check this out, as absolutely horrible as this story, you have the wrong photo accompanying it. That’s my photo and you need to remove it from this article immediately.

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