Inappropriate Use Of Scissors — Blinding The Witches

I know that this picture is gross and disgusting. The story is moreso. Having worked in optics for the last decade and a half, I am pretty sensitive when it comes to the eyes, so this story made me cringe a little.

Evidentially there are places in rural India that are like Salem, Massachusetts from the 15th Century. They blame their bad luck on the witches. Well, this time some people in the community were having a rough go of it and decided that something needed to be done. And what was their course of action? Ahhh yes, holding her down and putting scissors through her corneas (gulp).

Alas it gets worse, the husband, witnessing what is happening to his betrothed tried to intervene. And what does he get for his effort? He too has his eyes removed for his effort.

You will have to forgive me for my nonchalant way of describing the story but the event was horrifying enough without more morose verbiage.

These events are not merely isolated to rural India. We have seen equally disturbing things in the United States. Savagery itself is blind to all culture.

You can check out the original story here


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