Meddling Teens Mess With 65 Year Old Man And Get Shot

Some Pennsylvania teenagers messed with the wrong senior.  Who picks on a 65 year old man riding a bike anyway? Well, as the story goes, these three teenagers, knocked this man off of his bike and began assaulting him.  Unbeknownst to them, our geriatric cyclist was packing some heat.  Before the assault ran it’s course he got off some shots, and killed one of the youngsters.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I am not happy that anyone died.  Teenagers are dumb.  This time regrettably so, as his actions lead to tragedy, but they just as well could have given this man a heart attack.

Here is the short of it from MSN.


Is cannibalism en vogue now these days?

Is cannibalism en vogue now these days?  So here we have an obviously disturbed young man, who set out to hurt someone.  He told his cousin he was going to hurt someone and then acted on those urges by taking out his pent up anger on Angle Gonzalez with an axe. That’s gruesome enough.   But then he takes it upon himself to take some pieces of the deceased man’s brain and his eyeball, from the scene of the murder…to a cemetery.  There he ritualistically eats his trophy.  Disturbing?  Assuredly so.  I hope Mr. Tyree Lincoln Smith is never released back into society for a while and if he ever is, they get him to take his medication.

Source: NY Daily News 

Homeless Man Gets Decapitated For Ruining Steaks…Wait A Minute…What?

Can I be incredulous about this story?  First, when one is homeless, how often do you get to cook steaks on the grill?  I am a middle class american and I have had steak once in two years!

With that being said,  I guess if it’s a once in the lifetime thing I too would be upset about someone knocking the old grill over.  However, Mr. Ricky Leer probably should have left the machete out of it.  I really just had a post-apocalyptic vision associated with this story.

Homeless man story 244x183

Jurors: Do Not Friend Request The Defendants!

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Something smacks of desperation, when male juror, Jacob Jock,  decides he is going to look up the female defendant’s Facebook profile and then attempt to ‘friend’ her. C’mon man! Is this what the jury pool has been reduced to?  Wanna be tough guys, on green floaties, looking for dates?

Did you think if you swung your vote her way you were going to work a date out of it? Then you are going to pretend that it wasn’t you who sent the request?