Not Vacuuming Apartment Leads To Boy’s Beating…And Death

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    Wed, Feb 22 2012 20:55:43
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    #SMH 9 hours!!! — “MONSTER! 11-Year-Old Was Beaten To Death By His Mom’s Boyfriend” via @GlobalGrind #fb
    Fri, Feb 17 2012 11:00:07

Texas Man Abducts And Tortures Neighbor

  1. This article recounts her police interview in which she originally defends Maxwell.  She said that he had been ‘good’ to her.  But then she soon lets into the details of the events of her captivity and suddenly Mr. Maxwell doesn’t seem like the nice neighbor.
  2. This article basically explains the ordeal that this woman had to through.  It is as she said when she was testifying.  It is truly a gruesome and sickening event.
  3. Maxwell was convicted and faces up to life in prison after being found guilty of aggravated kidnapping and two counts of aggravated sexual assault
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    awa: Texas ‘House of Horrors’ Rapist Found Guilty: Texas “house of horrors” rapist, Jeffrey Allan Maxwell, who held…
    Wed, Feb 22 2012 17:12:12
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    GUILTY! For Jeffrey Allan Maxwell for raping his former neighbor on a deer-skinning device and chaining her to a bed after kidnapping her
    Tue, Feb 21 2012 18:22:21

Sex Worker Sues Tycoon For Bad Date

unnamed.jpeg web-ho_jpeg_1369769cl-8.jpeg

Do prostitutes have ‘bad dates’? I guess I can see that, although the term ‘date’ really takes on a completely different context here.

So the story takes place in Vancouver, Canada, where tycoon David Ho (pictured above) hires Kayla Reinfjell (also pictured, I will let you decide who is who) for a night of debauchery. Apparently, David Ho has a reputation for living the high life…literally.

So Kayla and David have sex and smoke crack cocaine (really?) from 12:00am to 4:44am. I guess that was enough fun for Kayla, but David would not let her go. His mansion is surrounded by a moat. That’s ok in medieval times but a little creepy for 2008. They struggled, he basically stripped of her clothes as she tried to escape. She jumped a fence and broke her ankle. She then proceeded to call her dad for help and stated: “Dad help me. I am on a bad date.” That my dear, is the understatement of your life.

Crack, prostitutes, and a guy with a moat just makes for a bad evening for someone. The only guy we know who has pulled that off successfully in modern times has Tiger Blood running thru his veins.

Source: Global Post

Boy Doesn’t Like His Uncle, So Kills Grandma To Inflict Anguish


Sadistic often is a word that gets thrown out too frequently but I think this young man definitely qualifies. Jasper Aristotle Smiddie (Aristotle, really?) didn’t like his uncle. He thought about killing him, but then thought, ‘If I kill his mother, that will inflict maximum pain.’ So that’s just what he did. He killed his grandmother, but not only did he kill her…he overkilled.

Jasper stabbed his grandmother, Gloria Helfrich, over 90 times. He then hit her in the face with a wrench. He then, put a crossbow arrow through her head. Gloria was 67 years old.

Sick, depraved, and sadistic sum up the character of this boy and it is the prime example of someone who goes out of his way to hurt and torture someone else.

Source: Crimesider

Argument About The AC Leaves One Man Stabbed


People have been harming each other over the silliest things lately. Yesterday was a couple getting killed for a de-friending on Facebook. The day before that it was a man’s eyes getting gouged out over use of the TV remote. Today we have Everett Bryan stabbing a man, Jeffery Iverson, because Jeffery did not want him running the AC and the heat at the same time. They were roommates by the way. Well, Everett took offense to the suggestion and stabbed him in the neck with his Phillips head screwdriver. Well, the next roommate situation Everett has, I am sure he won’t have to worry about climate control. Idiot.

Source: Crimesider

‘Defriending’ On Facebook Led To Couple’s Murder


Yep. This ranks among the stupidest stories I have ever previewed, and I have previewed a lot of stupid stories. So this is how this tale goes. Billy Payne Jr. and Billie Jean Hayworth ‘defriend’ one Jenelle Potter. Jenelle tells her daddy (the pictured Marvin Potter). Mr. Potter and his friend, Jamie Curd (also pictured) head down to where the couple lives and shoots them both…dead. Ms. Hayworth was found holding the couple’s baby (left physically unharmed).

Obviously there is a lot more to this story. Well, I hope there is more to the story, because if losing a Facebook friend online is worth killing over then there is a lot of death about ready to be dealt out! C’mon…what’s next? Your animal dies in Farmville and you kill a cow in real life?

If you can’t handle the internet, just don’t get on. The cyber era wasn’t made for you.

Source: MSNBC

Argument About TV Remote Leads To Man’s Eyes Being Gouged Out


Ever had a fight with a family member about what to watch on TV? Have you ever taken your frustration to the level of Exulman Holman? Holman, 32 years of age, was so enraged with his uncle of 62 years, Melvin Gifford, that he threw him down a flight of stairs. He then proceeded to straddle him and successfully gouged out his uncle’s eyes. Please bear in mind that the man was 140 pounds lighter than Holman and his uncle was twice his age.

What the hell was on TV?

Check out the full news story here .