Kids Playing ‘Rape Tag’…Wait A Minute…Rape Tag!


One can not even make this up. A story is coming out of a Minnesota Elementary School that a twisted derivation of your childhood favorite, ‘freeze tag’, has reared it’s ugly head. This game is similar except when your kid is frozen, he/she can only be ‘unfrozen’ when they are ‘humped’ by another child. This game was being played by 4th Graders!

The headline from Fox News reads:

Minnesota school bans ‘rape tag’ game played by fifth-graders

The sad thing is that the school had to ‘ban’ something like this. They really had to make an announcement that they were banning this thing? I am incredulous.

Ummm…alright, whose kid brought this game to the playground? Someone has some explaining to do! I mean it’s bad enough that children are acting out this gesture, but actually calling it ‘Rape Tag’? Damn…when 9 year olds are using the term ‘rape’ in relation to a game I think that says a lot about society. Innocence lost for sure…


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