Sex Worker Sues Tycoon For Bad Date

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Do prostitutes have ‘bad dates’? I guess I can see that, although the term ‘date’ really takes on a completely different context here.

So the story takes place in Vancouver, Canada, where tycoon David Ho (pictured above) hires Kayla Reinfjell (also pictured, I will let you decide who is who) for a night of debauchery. Apparently, David Ho has a reputation for living the high life…literally.

So Kayla and David have sex and smoke crack cocaine (really?) from 12:00am to 4:44am. I guess that was enough fun for Kayla, but David would not let her go. His mansion is surrounded by a moat. That’s ok in medieval times but a little creepy for 2008. They struggled, he basically stripped of her clothes as she tried to escape. She jumped a fence and broke her ankle. She then proceeded to call her dad for help and stated: “Dad help me. I am on a bad date.” That my dear, is the understatement of your life.

Crack, prostitutes, and a guy with a moat just makes for a bad evening for someone. The only guy we know who has pulled that off successfully in modern times has Tiger Blood running thru his veins.

Source: Global Post


7 responses to “Sex Worker Sues Tycoon For Bad Date

  1. I was married to the “Dad” and what a family! Once I helped him get custody of the daughter i was thrown out of the house by him and his mother for being “unfit” to be a mother as I was a musician! He said his daughter would never wind up a ho as her birth mother was but guess he decided there was $$$ to be made in that profession! They are all losers in that family!!!

  2. Eliza Fran I think calling anyone a loser who has been given a family like that is cold hearted. No child is born onto this planet and chooses to have a mother who is a drug addict and a prostitute.. The :”daughter” has been through a very traumatic unstable upbringing. of which you admittedly were part of.. That is some statement “unfit” musician! mother. That makes about as much sense as you almost sounding like you’re blaming the child for being a “Loser”.. It sounds almost as if you are a bitter woman whose marriage did not work out and at the same time trying to distance yourself from “That Loser Family” for some feigned professional purpose . Meanwhile doing a little free self promotion . A good musician usually has heart and most sing or play from their life experiences so if that is the case I would rather not hear your Loser music. Harmony

    • I happen to know Eliza Fran quite well and she is an amazing musician who doesn’t need to give herself any publicity. Calling Daddy after a “bad date” which he probably made a commission on is pretty low…I have known the father for many years as well and knew him up North before I met his ex-wife. Kids see their parents as examples and poor Kayla didn’t have much to look up to as I knew her mother as well. Any Dad who knows his kid is hooking and smoking crack is a true example of an “excellent” father figure…not

    • Hello Harmony;
      Yes; i was a part of Kayla’s life for about 5 weeks so I guess I was the one that was such a bad influence; also in that short 5 weeks while they were getting ready to throw me out, my ex went out drunk and destroyed his car; also because of what was happening to me a friend called the police to make sure I was safe; as she and her family were worried as were my parents; since they were keeping the phone hidden from me and never gave me any messages…oh and I do sing and play from all my life experiences and no one is forcing you to listen to my music……

  3. I personally know Kayla really we’ll, we have been friends for real and for a three year period were very close friends… I actually lived with her when all of this happened… I was the one to take care of her after she was attacked… The most ironic part of this story is that Kayla had sobered up quite a few months before this incident (save for the odd puff of marihuana) and was starting to recover from a very difficult break-up… Kayla is not and never was a loser, and is not a loser. She is a troubled woman who was raised by a prostitute mother(who made her smoke crack out of a pop can at age ten, Kayla was primarily raised in a whore house. I believe our system failed both as a child and as a youth. Kayla spent a lot of her early teen years in multiple foster homes… By the time she moved from the east coast to the west coast most of the damage was done. Her father didn’t help much either with his serious alchahol addiction he was intoxicated for the majority of the time. I truly believe that Kayla is an awesome mother and human being. When she started to fall off after her relapse(which was on the night she was attacked by Mr.Ho) she made the right decision to send her child to live with the father, which was an easy decision for her conscience to make, yet an excruciating, painful and unselfish decision to make … She had to do that not only for her child, but also so she could get the help she needed/needs and deserves!!! So for everyone who is either a lookyloo, or quick to say she deserved what she received should at least give these few points a thought or two. 1. First of all, weather if is right or wrong prostitution is one of the longest standing professions of all time(thousands and thousands of years) 2. If prostitution were legal, a lot less(both) men AND women would be abused. 3. Kayla was born into this profession and it was all she knew, she still can’t read that we’ll, because of all the mental and physical abuse she had survived she suffers from a variant of mental health disorders. No human being should ever hurt another person willingly, the treatment for offenders should be equal, why put the victim at fault or made responsible for being attacked just because that “victim” was/is a sex worker… We are all just human beings, some jobs/professions are riskier than others… Being a police officer is dangerous, being a taxi driver can definitely be scary. A taxi driver is no less deserving of justice when hit by a truck or assaulted or robbed! I think I’ve ranted enough!

  4. So what’s happened to Kayla and her family???/ Like mother like daughter is all I can say and Eliza tried to help and was stuck in the middle…saw the Dad recently; he’s pushing a hooker website; what a wonderful world huh????

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