Relationship News: Women, Don’t Run Your Men Over…Please

Love…true love.  When people allude to love hitting you ‘like a truck’, they really didn’t mean this literally, Agapita.  Nor, do I ever remember the adage:  “And love will beat you repeatedly with a baseball bat.”.  Nope that is not one that gets tossed around.

Well, Agapita Ramos was having a bad night.   An argument over a shirt made her tell her boyfriend to get out of the truck and walk home.  The unnamed boyfriend got out of the car, grabbed his 18 pack of beer and whiskey and started walking.  He then heard the curious sound of the truck revving behind him, and before he knew it the vehicle had run him over, trapping his leg underneath the vehicle.  But Agapita wasn’t done, she then brought out the baseball bat and began beating the man.

Now a couple of observations.  This must have been one HELL of a shirt!  Was it the Golden Fleece?  She gave this man the beating of his life for a shirt?  Secondly,  the man had to grab his 18 pack and whiskey? The only thing I can come up with is the couple was just coming home from a softball game and were going to a party to celebrate.  This is the only way to incorporate the bat…or maybe they keep it for protection?  Whatever…


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Relationship News: Setting Her On Fire Isn’t Going To Win Her Back

Some guys handle rejection well.  We have all gone through some tough break-ups in our time and most of us handle it well and move on.   This was not the case with Mr. Robert York.  He was so pissed off, he decided to head over to his ex-girlfriend’s house at 2:00am in the morning and try to set her and himself on fire.

The plan half worked.  He doused them both with flammable liquid but her family grabbed her back inside the house before he could light the match, but he did proceed to set himself ablaze.  (I am hoping the picture above is him after the fact.)

At any rate, guys no matter how bitter you are towards your ex-girlfriend, DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, set her on fire…



Relationship News: Don’t Shock Her With A Cattle Prod

Today’s relationship tip comes from 36 year old Christopher Lee Martin, of North Dakota.  It may seem self-explanatory to most of us, but if you care about someone, don’t shock them with your cattle prod.  If you are in a bitter break up: don’t use your cattle prod. Keep your cattle prod for it’s intended use (?).

Evidentially Martin and his (ex)girlfriend were arguing about some money he assumed she stole from his noble profession (drug dealer) and a jacket.  The amount in question was $500.00.  Well I guess the argument didn’t go very well because he felt he had to bring the cattle prod out.

There’s obviously a few lessons that can be learned from this.  First, ladies, in general, avoid dating drug dealers.  Especially drug dealers who wield cattle prods in rural communities.  Secondly, if it’s a crime to shock a human with a cattle prod because it HURTS SO MUCH, why is it perfectly acceptable to use on animals?  Just a thought.


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Canine Poops In Home…Leads To Man’s Murderous Rampage


All of us who own animals get upset from time to time when our beloved pets defecate on the  floors.  It happens. Michael Stolz took his pet’s inability to ‘hold it’, as it were, as justification for shooting his Shepherd mix in the head…twice.  He then took one look at his other dog, a Rottweiler, and shot that pet, again, twice.  But that was not enough for Mr. Stolz.  As his wife screamed frantically, Mr. Stolz, decided she had to go as well and shot her in the abdomen.

As Mr. Stolz recounted events to the police, he said the ‘plan’ was to kill himself in the end.  But as well though out plans go he ran out of bullets.





Clogged Toilet Leads To Fight…And Death…

James Biddinger was fed up.  He was fed up with Kevin Mbayo living in his house but not paying rent.  He was stressed and had a couple of beers with his friends to release the tension, but when he came home, he lost his cool.

One of Jame’s friends needed to use the upstairs toilet but found no toilet paper, so he called down to James who went to the downstair’s toilet.  Much to his dismay, he found that the toilet had been clogged of all things.

Instead of picking up the plunger and unclogging the toilet, he confronted Kevin Mbayo regarding his bathroom etiquette.  I think it’s safe to say that conversation did not go very well.  Beddinger stabbed Mbayo, in his back, with a stiletto knife.  The puncture would went into Mbayo’s lung, killing him.

A clogged toilet may be one of the worst reasons in the history of mankind that a man lost his life for.