Clogged Toilet Leads To Fight…And Death…

James Biddinger was fed up.  He was fed up with Kevin Mbayo living in his house but not paying rent.  He was stressed and had a couple of beers with his friends to release the tension, but when he came home, he lost his cool.

One of Jame’s friends needed to use the upstairs toilet but found no toilet paper, so he called down to James who went to the downstair’s toilet.  Much to his dismay, he found that the toilet had been clogged of all things.

Instead of picking up the plunger and unclogging the toilet, he confronted Kevin Mbayo regarding his bathroom etiquette.  I think it’s safe to say that conversation did not go very well.  Beddinger stabbed Mbayo, in his back, with a stiletto knife.  The puncture would went into Mbayo’s lung, killing him.

A clogged toilet may be one of the worst reasons in the history of mankind that a man lost his life for.




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