Relationship News: Don’t Shock Her With A Cattle Prod

Today’s relationship tip comes from 36 year old Christopher Lee Martin, of North Dakota.  It may seem self-explanatory to most of us, but if you care about someone, don’t shock them with your cattle prod.  If you are in a bitter break up: don’t use your cattle prod. Keep your cattle prod for it’s intended use (?).

Evidentially Martin and his (ex)girlfriend were arguing about some money he assumed she stole from his noble profession (drug dealer) and a jacket.  The amount in question was $500.00.  Well I guess the argument didn’t go very well because he felt he had to bring the cattle prod out.

There’s obviously a few lessons that can be learned from this.  First, ladies, in general, avoid dating drug dealers.  Especially drug dealers who wield cattle prods in rural communities.  Secondly, if it’s a crime to shock a human with a cattle prod because it HURTS SO MUCH, why is it perfectly acceptable to use on animals?  Just a thought.


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