Relationship News: Women, Don’t Run Your Men Over…Please

Love…true love.  When people allude to love hitting you ‘like a truck’, they really didn’t mean this literally, Agapita.  Nor, do I ever remember the adage:  “And love will beat you repeatedly with a baseball bat.”.  Nope that is not one that gets tossed around.

Well, Agapita Ramos was having a bad night.   An argument over a shirt made her tell her boyfriend to get out of the truck and walk home.  The unnamed boyfriend got out of the car, grabbed his 18 pack of beer and whiskey and started walking.  He then heard the curious sound of the truck revving behind him, and before he knew it the vehicle had run him over, trapping his leg underneath the vehicle.  But Agapita wasn’t done, she then brought out the baseball bat and began beating the man.

Now a couple of observations.  This must have been one HELL of a shirt!  Was it the Golden Fleece?  She gave this man the beating of his life for a shirt?  Secondly,  the man had to grab his 18 pack and whiskey? The only thing I can come up with is the couple was just coming home from a softball game and were going to a party to celebrate.  This is the only way to incorporate the bat…or maybe they keep it for protection?  Whatever…


Daily Mail


One response to “Relationship News: Women, Don’t Run Your Men Over…Please

  1. none of this is true! my mother was protecting my little brother Ronnie Ramos (12) at the time, the un-named boyfriend was hitting my brother and me Esmeralda Ramos(14) at the time, the un-named boyfriend was drunk, on drugs, an they come from the store where the un-named boyfriend was stealing the 18 pack of beer, an the bottle of whiskey! they had come home from the store, an came inside. my brother ronnie ramos(14) noiced the un-named boyfriend wearing his favorite shrit, the one my grandmother had giving him befor she had passed! so my brother ask un-named boyfriend if that was his shrit? he said “no boy! this is my shrit!!!” an pined him against the refrigerator by the neck, an spit in his face!!! I esmeralda ramos(14) jumped in front of him an pushed him away!!! trying to protect my little brother……… thats when my mother pushed un-named boyfriend out of the house an told him she was going to take him home!!!!! he refused to go and hit my mother (open hand), an my mother(Agapita ramos) hit him back. they got in the truck an went down the road……………..

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