Cannibalism In Vogue: Man Chews Off another’s Face


Well, you just don’t see this kind of story every day.  Rudy Eugene and Ronald Poppo had a chance meeting in Miami, Florida.  This is a meeting I am sure they both find to be regrettable.  Rudy Eugene was found naked, in broad Miami daylight, eating the face off of Mr. Poppo.  And when I say, ‘eating his face off’,  I mean that in the most literal sense.  The pictures I saw were incredibly disturbing. I honestly could not even identify the picture as human, as Mr. Poppo had his eyes gouged out and his face was eaten down to the bone.  He had no nose or lips.   Rudy was told to stop by police officers and when he did not comply, the officers shot and killed him.  A very bad day.  Apparently, Mr. Poppo survived though I am not sure in what condition, but the fact he did is simply astounding.

The autopsy is being performed and all signs indicate that Mr. Eugene was on some sort of drug/hallucinogenic.  A few years ago there was a case of a rap artist, Big Lurch, who was doing “sherm” and was found in the middle of the street, naked, eating his dead roommates liver…

Stories like this should definitely make it on the Anti-Drug campaign circuit.




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Girlfriend of face-eating attacker blames drugs or voodoo

Rudy Eugene’s mother: Son was “no zombie,” should have been tased, not shot


Tools Of Murder: Bryan Clay Kills Two Strangers…With Hammer

The nature of the crime Bryan Clay is accused of committing is this: He assaulted a Las Vegas family with a hammer, killing a mother (Ignacia Martinez) and a daughter (Karla Martinez), leaving the father/husband (Arturo Martinez) in a coma. Before murdering the ten year old girl, he is said to have sexually assaulted her. One of the son’s (Christopher Martinez) found the carnage. He was not harmed but came to school and stated that his mom and sister were dead. He also said his dad had two holes in his head and he was acting funny.

Mr. Clay had no prior convictions for violent crime, yet used a hammer, of all things, to bludgeon to death, two people. He is also accused of sexually assaulting a fifty year old woman hours prior to this incident. What would cause a man to snap? Well, at last part of the reason is that he was high on an alcohol and drug cocktail when he was committing the crimes.

Regardless the circumstances and conditions surrounding the rape, assault, and murders, the prosector’s office is looking into pursuing the death penalty.


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In Relationship News: Mothers Don’t Sleep With Your Sons (Reverse Oedipus)

Hmmm. So Mistie Atkinson of Napa, CA had been missing her son. I am not sure of the cause of separation between mother and child, but we do know that the child’s father had custody. Mistie is 32 years old and her son is 16. The articles below share that it had been fifteen years since mother and son had met. Inevitably something had transpired and the two were being separated for a reason that is not readily apparent.

But what happens next is really bizarre and twisted. Mistie sets out online and searches for her son on the popular social networking site, Facebook. She finds him. They meet, book a hotel room, and have sex. There’s also suggestive text messages and pictures sent back and forth between the teen and mother.

But how in the world does the bond between mother and son incorporate sex? How does the conversation transpire on Facebook to the point where she’s sending him suggestive photos? Is the dating pool so constrained in Napa, California that mothers are forced to solicit their estranged sons? I don’t care how big the libido, the mother should have adhered to the age old tradition of not copulating with your children no matter how far you feel you have grown apart. Distance and time don’t make this relationship any less incestuous.

In regards to the sixteen year old: I know hormonaly speaking, this is a challenging age, and perhaps the prospect of meeting your long lost mother is a powerful experience. But this isn’t the type of thing that you want to have hanging around your head through the rest of your life and surely is not going to provide good ‘locker room’ talk. In short, if it doesn’t feel right, don’t proceed. Surely a few warning signs must have crossed your mind while this was going on. But then again, he was video taping the sex act so…we might be dealing in the oblivious.

Atkinson is charged with four felonies including incest, oral copulation with a minor and contacting a minor for sex using electronic communication.

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Grandmother Stabbed To Death In Bathtub…By Grandson

This must have been one hell of an argument to Mr. Christopher Whaley to pick out to knives out of the kitchen, walk into the bathroom where his grandmother was taking a bath, and stab her to death.  In the aftermath, Mr. Whaley admits to perhaps being too drunk to even remember what the fight was about. His plans was then to go over to where his Aunt stayed and murder everyone in that house as well, but his Grandmother whispered three words to him just before she died…”I love you.”  Evidentially that was enough to stop the stone cold killer in his tracks.  Instead of proceeding with his plan, he called 911 and had the police arrest him.  They found him in the house, cradling his grandma.

Sitting at the table of regret…

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