Grandmother Stabbed To Death In Bathtub…By Grandson

This must have been one hell of an argument to Mr. Christopher Whaley to pick out to knives out of the kitchen, walk into the bathroom where his grandmother was taking a bath, and stab her to death.  In the aftermath, Mr. Whaley admits to perhaps being too drunk to even remember what the fight was about. His plans was then to go over to where his Aunt stayed and murder everyone in that house as well, but his Grandmother whispered three words to him just before she died…”I love you.”  Evidentially that was enough to stop the stone cold killer in his tracks.  Instead of proceeding with his plan, he called 911 and had the police arrest him.  They found him in the house, cradling his grandma.

Sitting at the table of regret…

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Orlando Sentinel 911 Call Audio



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