Tools Of Murder: Bryan Clay Kills Two Strangers…With Hammer

The nature of the crime Bryan Clay is accused of committing is this: He assaulted a Las Vegas family with a hammer, killing a mother (Ignacia Martinez) and a daughter (Karla Martinez), leaving the father/husband (Arturo Martinez) in a coma. Before murdering the ten year old girl, he is said to have sexually assaulted her. One of the son’s (Christopher Martinez) found the carnage. He was not harmed but came to school and stated that his mom and sister were dead. He also said his dad had two holes in his head and he was acting funny.

Mr. Clay had no prior convictions for violent crime, yet used a hammer, of all things, to bludgeon to death, two people. He is also accused of sexually assaulting a fifty year old woman hours prior to this incident. What would cause a man to snap? Well, at last part of the reason is that he was high on an alcohol and drug cocktail when he was committing the crimes.

Regardless the circumstances and conditions surrounding the rape, assault, and murders, the prosector’s office is looking into pursuing the death penalty.


Huffington Post




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