Cannibalism In Vogue: Man Chews Off another’s Face


Well, you just don’t see this kind of story every day.  Rudy Eugene and Ronald Poppo had a chance meeting in Miami, Florida.  This is a meeting I am sure they both find to be regrettable.  Rudy Eugene was found naked, in broad Miami daylight, eating the face off of Mr. Poppo.  And when I say, ‘eating his face off’,  I mean that in the most literal sense.  The pictures I saw were incredibly disturbing. I honestly could not even identify the picture as human, as Mr. Poppo had his eyes gouged out and his face was eaten down to the bone.  He had no nose or lips.   Rudy was told to stop by police officers and when he did not comply, the officers shot and killed him.  A very bad day.  Apparently, Mr. Poppo survived though I am not sure in what condition, but the fact he did is simply astounding.

The autopsy is being performed and all signs indicate that Mr. Eugene was on some sort of drug/hallucinogenic.  A few years ago there was a case of a rap artist, Big Lurch, who was doing “sherm” and was found in the middle of the street, naked, eating his dead roommates liver…

Stories like this should definitely make it on the Anti-Drug campaign circuit.




The Blaze

Girlfriend of face-eating attacker blames drugs or voodoo

Rudy Eugene’s mother: Son was “no zombie,” should have been tased, not shot


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