The Going Price For A Baby: $25 At A Walmart Near You

One can purchase many things at Walmart.  You can do your grocery shopping while you get your car serviced.  You can grab some McDonalds before you wait in line at the bank that never closes.  But one thing you never associate with Walmart is the ‘Baby Black Market’.  That is until Samantha Tomasini and Patrick Fousek showed up to their neighborhood Walmart in Salinas, California, yearning for their methamphetamine fix.

They were so tweaked that the going rate for 8 mos. old baby Stomy was a meager $25.oo.  Take a look at baby Stormy and see if that looks a tad bit under value.

It’s stories like this that really give credence to this site’s title:  Depraved Indifference.  These parents were willing to give up their flesh and blood for the monetary equivalent to a box of cigarettes.  There’s just something inhuman in this story, that even through my sarcasm, I am holding back tears.  It’s a brutal world that this child was brought into.

At first Patrick and Samantha said they were just joking about selling the baby for $25.   I don’t know what realm that would be humorous, but that’s the defense they went with. Eventually, Samantha came clean, changed her plea to no contest. She recently went back to court for a parole violation and actually asked the court for prison time knowing that’s what she needed.  That may be her saving grace.  I will pray for her, as should you.  Meanwhile, baby Stormy has been adopted and by all appearances will have a better life.

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When Parents Are Forced To Kill Their Daughter’s Pimp

As parents, we have all been there before,  where your teenage daughter is turning tricks and you feel like you have to kill her pimp to get her out of the ‘life’.

Wait a minute…no…no…NO!  But alas, yes.  Yes, this actually transpired in San Francisco, CA. Barry Gilton and Lupe Mercado are accused of shooting and killing their daughter’s pimp, Calvin Sneed.  Gilton and Mercado had tried everything to get their 17 year old daughter back, but to no avail.  So they are accused of vigilante justice.

Apparently, Gilton had tracked down Sneed a time before in North Hollywood and shot him then as well, but only wounding him.  Sneed at the time, did what gang members do, and did not cooperate with the police.  He instead went up to San Francisco weeks later to reclaim his prostitute, Gilton’s daughter.  This time Gilton aimed a little better then before and took Sneed’s wife.

A couple of things, how sad is it that the daughter fell into prostitution in the first place?   What lead to that decision?  Secondly,  no matter how horrific it is for parents to endure, you can’t react with vigilantism.  It sets a horrible precedent.  If this is allowed to happen then other people will act instinctively and act in kind.  I equivocate it to the dim-witted “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida.  How many people will Stand their ground now under the guise of that law?

At any rate, I feel for the family, I can only imagine how devastating it must be.

Check a series of the storiesas they transpire at the SF Examiner.

Man drives truck into Taco Bell to protest missing taco


Surely everyone has had their order messed up at a fast food joint.  You get upset.  You are ticked, but you get the order fixed, and you move on.  That is unless you are Michael Smith of Ohio.  He made a run for the border and came up one taco short.  The staff attempted to make things right, but Mr. Smith is a man of principles.  He didn’t want it fixed, he he didn’t want the mistake in the first place.  So he drove his truck into the restaurant.  Like I said…a man of principles.