The Going Price For A Baby: $25 At A Walmart Near You

One can purchase many things at Walmart.  You can do your grocery shopping while you get your car serviced.  You can grab some McDonalds before you wait in line at the bank that never closes.  But one thing you never associate with Walmart is the ‘Baby Black Market’.  That is until Samantha Tomasini and Patrick Fousek showed up to their neighborhood Walmart in Salinas, California, yearning for their methamphetamine fix.

They were so tweaked that the going rate for 8 mos. old baby Stomy was a meager $25.oo.  Take a look at baby Stormy and see if that looks a tad bit under value.

It’s stories like this that really give credence to this site’s title:  Depraved Indifference.  These parents were willing to give up their flesh and blood for the monetary equivalent to a box of cigarettes.  There’s just something inhuman in this story, that even through my sarcasm, I am holding back tears.  It’s a brutal world that this child was brought into.

At first Patrick and Samantha said they were just joking about selling the baby for $25.   I don’t know what realm that would be humorous, but that’s the defense they went with. Eventually, Samantha came clean, changed her plea to no contest. She recently went back to court for a parole violation and actually asked the court for prison time knowing that’s what she needed.  That may be her saving grace.  I will pray for her, as should you.  Meanwhile, baby Stormy has been adopted and by all appearances will have a better life.

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