Parenting Tips: Don’t Leave Children Locked Inside Your Hot Car

It’s a no brainer that when it is over 104 degrees that you don’t leave your children in the car, right?  Let me ask again…RIGHT?  Evidentially this fact eluded Mr. Josh Stryzinski.  He thought that his 3 month year old child would be fine in the family car while he worked on his dirt bike.  End result:  She is rushed to the hospital where she later dies.   He is being charged with something likened to neglectful homicide.  Incidentally, he and the mother of the child are both teenagers.  That explains a lot.

Then we have, on the same weekend and near the same place mind you,  Ms. Meg Trueblood of Indianapolis, IN.  Ms.  Trueblood is (dis)credited with leaving her 16 month old in a car where it was said to be 124 degrees.  What was she doing?  The police had to break the window to the SUV and the child started to have a seizure once she was removed from the vehicle.  She was rushed to the hospital where she is said to have made a full recovery.



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