100 Year Old Man Sideswipes Nine School Children In LA


I am all for the rights of senior citizens.  They should be treated with dignity and respect and are too often completely disregarded.  But lets face it, we’ve all been at the supermarket (or alternative location) and watched an elderly person get into a car and think to ourselves: “That person should NOT be driving.”  It’s simply an instant observation and judgement that most of us make.  In this case it proves pretty much up to snuff.

God forgive him, but Preston Carter mistook the accelerator for the break and sidewalk for the street.  This is why it’s probably not a good idea once you hit the century mark to take the car for a spin.  He injured nine children because as he was leaving, a nearby school was being let out.   It was certainly not the best combination. He plowed his car into the bystanders. He was not drunk nor were there any drugs in his system.  He was simply old and his motor skills have diminished.  Luckily, no one was killed.

Tomorrow, on September 1st, Preston Carter celebrates 101 years of life on this earth.  And sir, I wish you a very happy birthday,…at home.





From Elementary School Teacher To Murderer


Luis Ruiz was sending a message when he killed Carina Saunders brutally.  The message was that he should not be trifled with and people ought to cooperate with him. See, Luis Ruiz was the proud owner of a human trafficking and drug ring, but before, believe it not, he was an elementary school teacher.  He took Carina Saunders, he beat her in front of witnesses. He then took her to another room and proceeded to cut off her limbs while she was alive.  He cut off her right foot and proceeded to cut off her left when the saw broke.  How do we know so much detail about the incident?  He video taped the incident with his cell phone so he could spread his ‘message’.  Saunders body parts were found in a bag behind a grocery store.

This is like a sicker version of the television show, Breaking Bad. How a person’s moral compass strays so far is beyond me.  And for a woman to have to endure so much pain in her last few moment is absolutely beyond  comprehension.  Ruiz and his associate Jimmy Massey aka “Country” are being charged with First Degree Murder for what it’s worth.






This Ain’t The Love They Talked About In ‘The Notebook’

More often than not you hear people admire the love and dedication when they see too elderly people holding hands.  This is not one of those stories.  John Haw Cross is accused of stabbing his wife of 62 years, Paige Arrington Cross.  Mrs. Cross dies from her injuries.

This is not the first time a story of this nature has been discussed on this site.   I can only wager a guess that perhaps diminished mental faculties lead to such horrific endings. (He is being held in a psychiatric institution)  But again,  as a society we seem to devalue relationships and love so often (ie divorce rates),  Now the people of a generation that we look up to for stability and make us long for an era far gone, show that they too are not immune to the reach of depravity.

We (or my wife does) thinks of that true love as the love that was illustrated in the movie, The Notebook. Where a man reads their love story to his wife who has Alzheimers and in the end they fall peacefully asleep and cary each other off to Heaven.  But more and more that seems to be the world fashioned by Hollywood and not the one in which we live.  Case in point.




Florida Puppeteer Plotted To Cook And Eat Children

Always be wary of a man who plays with dolls and ‘adores’  children.  Apparently Ronald Brown acted out stories from the Bible with his puppets for children.  (Why does evil cloak itself in religion so often?)  He also would have pizza parties for the kids in his neighborhood where the children would actually line up outside his house before he got home.

I am pretty skeptical of 50 year old, cross-eyed, unmarried men who have a penchant for children yet have not children of their own.  It doesn’t really gel with me.  It doesn’t mean the love of children isn’t genuine, it’s just a tad scary.

Well, Mr. Brown got busted online by the Department Of Homeland Security (?) and on his home computer they found pornography of the more taboo and sickening variety.  On the hard drive were pictures of children who were bound and gagged and some which looked to be deceased.  What tipped off officials to the fact that something wasn’t right was the following quote:

Brown and alleged fellow child cannibalism enthusiast Michael Arnett “did discuss killing, dismembering, and eating” a boy at Gulf Coast Church

Ok.  That’s pretty disturbing.  The phrase “fellow chid cannibalism enthusiast” is really beyond my comprehension.  It means that child cannibalism has a distinct following.  Really? At some juncture in pseudo-journalism you just have to say WTF, and this my friends is a WTF Moment.

Mr. Brown is currently using the “you can’t take that seriously, it was just talk” defense, like it was locker room joking between two buddies.




Unsafe Transportation: Don’t Strap Your Kids To The Hood Of Your Car

In June 2012 Aaron Stefanski (not my namesake) made a poor life decision.  He was a little intoxicated and thought it would be fun to have his children strapped to the hood of his car. As any father would (jest), he secured his children with yellow tow straps to the front of his vehicle as he left a liquor store.  Yes, he did indeed bring his kids to the liquor store.

Now, I have made some poor decisions as a parent, but none of them involved a liquor store or potential vehicular manslaughter.  What’s more is that, his friend, Jessica Clark, let him tie her child to the hood of the car.  So between two parents, intoxicated or not, everyone thought this was a good idea?

Well a sober Stefanski has a little remorse.  He can no longer see his kids and he is on 18 months of home arrest.  He currently is working on his drinking problem and lack of total judgement.