Unsafe Transportation: Don’t Strap Your Kids To The Hood Of Your Car

In June 2012 Aaron Stefanski (not my namesake) made a poor life decision.  He was a little intoxicated and thought it would be fun to have his children strapped to the hood of his car. As any father would (jest), he secured his children with yellow tow straps to the front of his vehicle as he left a liquor store.  Yes, he did indeed bring his kids to the liquor store.

Now, I have made some poor decisions as a parent, but none of them involved a liquor store or potential vehicular manslaughter.  What’s more is that, his friend, Jessica Clark, let him tie her child to the hood of the car.  So between two parents, intoxicated or not, everyone thought this was a good idea?

Well a sober Stefanski has a little remorse.  He can no longer see his kids and he is on 18 months of home arrest.  He currently is working on his drinking problem and lack of total judgement.






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