Florida Puppeteer Plotted To Cook And Eat Children

Always be wary of a man who plays with dolls and ‘adores’  children.  Apparently Ronald Brown acted out stories from the Bible with his puppets for children.  (Why does evil cloak itself in religion so often?)  He also would have pizza parties for the kids in his neighborhood where the children would actually line up outside his house before he got home.

I am pretty skeptical of 50 year old, cross-eyed, unmarried men who have a penchant for children yet have not children of their own.  It doesn’t really gel with me.  It doesn’t mean the love of children isn’t genuine, it’s just a tad scary.

Well, Mr. Brown got busted online by the Department Of Homeland Security (?) and on his home computer they found pornography of the more taboo and sickening variety.  On the hard drive were pictures of children who were bound and gagged and some which looked to be deceased.  What tipped off officials to the fact that something wasn’t right was the following quote:

Brown and alleged fellow child cannibalism enthusiast Michael Arnett “did discuss killing, dismembering, and eating” a boy at Gulf Coast Church

Ok.  That’s pretty disturbing.  The phrase “fellow chid cannibalism enthusiast” is really beyond my comprehension.  It means that child cannibalism has a distinct following.  Really? At some juncture in pseudo-journalism you just have to say WTF, and this my friends is a WTF Moment.

Mr. Brown is currently using the “you can’t take that seriously, it was just talk” defense, like it was locker room joking between two buddies.





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