This Ain’t The Love They Talked About In ‘The Notebook’

More often than not you hear people admire the love and dedication when they see too elderly people holding hands.  This is not one of those stories.  John Haw Cross is accused of stabbing his wife of 62 years, Paige Arrington Cross.  Mrs. Cross dies from her injuries.

This is not the first time a story of this nature has been discussed on this site.   I can only wager a guess that perhaps diminished mental faculties lead to such horrific endings. (He is being held in a psychiatric institution)  But again,  as a society we seem to devalue relationships and love so often (ie divorce rates),  Now the people of a generation that we look up to for stability and make us long for an era far gone, show that they too are not immune to the reach of depravity.

We (or my wife does) thinks of that true love as the love that was illustrated in the movie, The Notebook. Where a man reads their love story to his wife who has Alzheimers and in the end they fall peacefully asleep and cary each other off to Heaven.  But more and more that seems to be the world fashioned by Hollywood and not the one in which we live.  Case in point.




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