From Elementary School Teacher To Murderer


Luis Ruiz was sending a message when he killed Carina Saunders brutally.  The message was that he should not be trifled with and people ought to cooperate with him. See, Luis Ruiz was the proud owner of a human trafficking and drug ring, but before, believe it not, he was an elementary school teacher.  He took Carina Saunders, he beat her in front of witnesses. He then took her to another room and proceeded to cut off her limbs while she was alive.  He cut off her right foot and proceeded to cut off her left when the saw broke.  How do we know so much detail about the incident?  He video taped the incident with his cell phone so he could spread his ‘message’.  Saunders body parts were found in a bag behind a grocery store.

This is like a sicker version of the television show, Breaking Bad. How a person’s moral compass strays so far is beyond me.  And for a woman to have to endure so much pain in her last few moment is absolutely beyond  comprehension.  Ruiz and his associate Jimmy Massey aka “Country” are being charged with First Degree Murder for what it’s worth.




One response to “From Elementary School Teacher To Murderer

  1. Where would I even start? How about this… if you’re interested in a follow- up/ update on this particular ‘act of Satan’
    Just say the word. Ill tell you this much, wouldn’take much of anyone’s time.
    Right. Bc the friggin authorities haven’t done A DAMN THING about it. There are so many things about this case that are so completely WRONG, i don’t understand how anyone cld ignore this stuff. By that i mean, like right now in Oklahoma all the teachers in the state are advocating for better pay. NO SCHOOL. YIPPEE. Wait no exactly bc see, we have cold blooded killers who jailhouse confessed to the murder of carina Saunders. Supposedly they recorded sawing (this is hard to type even) sawing off her feet while she was still alive. Etc etc etc anyway
    So for anyone to shake their fists and call these creatures…”animals” well thats insulting to all animals imo. There’s one way to describe these monsters most suitable word for them: EVIL.
    So ppl in Mustang, ALL OF OKLAHOMA, BE CAREFUL with your kids being home alone or running amuck considering ours is a fairly small city/ town whatever- don’t forget truly there are killers among us, Jimmy Lee Massey and Luis Enrique Ruiz are 2 of them. They walked the charges, even after their lil jailhouse tell-all.c I hope they don’t make some young child their next “victim of opportunity” their words. Not mine. The media has provided minimal actual facts abt this case and I’ve been totally disgusted with almost all of them. But the bottom line… it’s not entirely the media’s fault. At least they’re trying to keep Carina’s name out there, even if the facts are hit and miss. (Courtesy OSBI pfff PLEASE!) THEY screwed up from the word GO. I can prove this too. That’s definitely not something I would say (ya know it is the OSBI) unless I knew it for sure.

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