Family Matters: A Relationship Not Worth Keeping

Lies beget more lies.  If you lie to your spouse over and over it really devalues the relationship as a whole.  If you can’t trust the person you exchange vows with, then who can you trust?

Such is the dilemma of one Dean Holmes.  He had told one too many lies to his wife Kristi.  Understand that Kristi had already left her husband once because he spent money above his means.   He promised to mend his fiscally irresponsible ways, but in the end he could not.   But he did not share that information with his wife.  He owed back taxes and was being sued by various clients (he runs a painting business) for unfinished work.

So out of fear of his wife finding out about his lies and failures, he shot her four times while she slept.  If he could not have her, nobody would.  Perhaps he could not live with her disappointment or disapproval.  But alas what woud he do with their daughter who was asleep in the house?  Well she was actually having a friend sleep over.   He woke them up and dropped the friend off at her house.  He then proceeded to take the next rational step.  He shot  and killed his daughter in the back seat of his car so she would not have to live through the pain of losing her mother.

He drove around the area with the body of his daughter and had some breakfast at McDonalds.  He then went back to his home and placed the body of the daughter in the same bed as the mother and tried to conceal the crime.  He soon realized that this was not going to work and turned himself over to the authorities only so he can then plea not guilty.

Really?  I guess the reality set in as to what happens to murderers.




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