In Parenting News: Mom And Dad Perform Exorcism In Walmart Parking Lot


Do you think your children are possessed by demons?   If you did, where would be the most logical place to take them for the spiritual help they so desperately need?  You got it. Walmart ‘s parking lot is the place.  At least that’s where Adolfo and Deborah Gomez thought would be the best place to bind them with electrical tape and cover two of their children`s eyes with some sort of blindfold.

Apparently the couple thought there were demons in their house and were afflicting the children.  The demons could also apparently be found outside the family SUV in the Walmart parking lot which prompted the family to cover the windows of the vehicle.  Accompanying this idea  of `demons’ is the fact the father is known in his community as being a strict disciplinarian.  The mother denies knowing what her husband was up to even though her Walmart shopping list included the tape, a baseball bat, and some tarp.  Somehow I doubt the bat was going to be used in some slow pitch softball.

This story alone gives credence that there needs to be licensing associated with being parents.




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