In Relationship News: Man Kills His Wife And Slow Cooks Her

David Viens admitted to killing his wife in 2009.  He says in a police interview that he bound and gagged his wife after an argument in which he accused her of stealing money from their restraunt.  After he came back in four hours, she was dead.  He says he panicked and did what any husband would do, who was a chef…who had just killed his wife…HE SLOW COOKED HER.   He slow cooked her body in some type of barrel for four days.  He then disposed of Dawn’s liquified remains as though it was just some kitchen waste.  In the police investigation, he said he took an Ambien before their confrontation.  Is his defense that the ambien fueled his crime spree?  After all, he is pleading NOT GUILTY.

Also of note is that when Viens found out that he was being investigated for his wife’s murder, he jumped off of a cliff.  Or maybe it was a botched suicide attempt?  At any rate, David Viens is attending his proceedings in a wheelchair  and will not take the stand (no pun intended).  (Shocker)



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