Utah Man Shoots Neighbor Who ‘Telepathically’ Raped His Wife: Eddie Van Halen Unable To Help

Yep.  I couldn’t have made this up on my most creative day.  Michael Selleneit shot his neighbor, while he was doing yard work because that neighbor repeatedly telepathically raped his wife and mentally threatened him.  Luckily his victim, Tony Pierce, survived.

Michael Selleneit’s wife, Melony Toone Selleneit, is charged with illegally purchasing the gun and then urging her husband to shoot Mr. Pierce for his repeated attempts of invading her mind.   Obviously this couple fed into each others delusions.

His attorney is vying for his client’s placement in a mental hospital which certainly seems to be fitting .  Apparently Mr. Selleneit’s imagination conjures advice from Eddie Van Halen who helps him with his problems. Obviously, Van Halen, did not rightly guide Selleneit on this occasion.  One would hope that if I became mentally deficient, that my subconscious would send me someone a little more capable than Mr. Van Halen.





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