Mom Falls Asleep, 15 Year Old Hits Her With A Sledge Hammer…Repeatedly

Zachary Davis is described by his attorney as a ‘troubled child’ who was ‘failed by the system’ setting the jury system up for the ‘pity defense’.  Undoubtedly Mr. Davis had a troubled past and undoubtedly he was failed by numerous individuals and institutions, but only one man (child) bears the burden of picking up a sledgehammer and bludgeoning his mother to death while she sleptThen as his older brother slept, he started a fire, in hopes the flames would consume his blood.  He was later found by police, with a notebook, that included his confession.  He was just recently charged as an adult for the murder of his mother as the Juvenile system in Tennessee determined the boy was beyond their capacity to help.  He has of course plead ‘not guilty’.

The rage and anger that must be harbored inside is  intense.   He is to be pitied in the sense that he lost his father to Lou Gehrig’s disease and to be reviled for the fact he took his pain out on the ones that are supposed to love him.



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