Man Assaults Wife And Aborts Unborn Child With Sharp Object

Drugs?  Hallucinogens?  Pure disdain for a wife and an unborn child?  Who knows why he did it, but he did. Jeffrey Reynolds attempted to kill his wife, Paula.  He the proceeded to open her stomach and womb, remove their child who was in the third trimester, and killed their unborn baby by using a sharp object against it’s head.

There are not many more stories that you will find more ghastly then this one.  But sadly enough this is not an isolated incident.  There have been several stories of persons killing mothers-to-be and stealing their fetus.  Albeit this is the first one I have heard for the sole purpose of murdering the child.

The last I heard, Paula Reynolds was remarkably still alive but in critical condition.   Mr. Reynolds is being held in jail with a $500,000 bond.  I hope justice is swift and God is forgiving.



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