Unable To Play His Playstation 14 Year Old Stabs Mother In The Leg

Parenting has become more and more dangerous as of late and video games have become more and more intrinsic in the daily lives of our children.  How do the two go hand in hand?  Well let me tell you…

Evidential y, a mother in Santa Fe, New Mexico told her 14 year old son that it was time to stop playing video games and his response you ask?  It was to stab her in the leg with a kitchen knife.  He then began screaming that he would kill her other children.   The mother fled to her Dodge Durango where she called the police, but that did not stop the child from breaking out all the windows of her vehicle with a rock.

The mother told the police that her boy was bipolar, but he is still being charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, criminal damage to property of a household member and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

It’s sad but again all too common.  This is not the first time a teenager has snapped violently at his parents because of video game time. (ie boy kills mom with a claw hammer) or (boy murders mom for not being allowed to play Halo 3)

In my house, my son is 10 years old, we let him play video games as a matter of reward for job well done each day for 45 minutes, no more.  This is in part, to try and avoid any type of conflict regarding video game time later on.

Parents be vigilant and don’t just hand your kid a video game to shut him/her up for hours on end.  That lack of parenting may burn you in the end.





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