Forgo Your Burial, Hang Around, And Wait For The Rapture


People get distraught when their loved ones die.  We can all understand that.  And grief effects us all differently, but in Russia, a woman took her husband’s death, well…poorly.  Instead of performing a traditional burial, she kept the corpse of her husband in another room of her Moscow apartment which she shared with her five children.   She thought to herself that he was bound to resurrect and might as well keep him around for the rapture.  In the articles below they describe her as a devout pentecostal christian, but I am pretty sure that has nothing to do with the ‘crazy’ that was going on in her house.

What’s even more morbid than this is the fact she had her children go into the room and ‘feed’ and ‘talk’ to her deceased husband.  I can’t imagine the horror for those kids, nor could I imagine the stench that was consuming the house for three years.  There’s only so much air fresheners can do to cover up the smell!

For how this story ends, I leave it to this Global Post excerpt to explain:

When the family decided to move to another town, two of the children, girls aged 14 and nine, decided to get rid of the body by putting it in plastic bags and dumping it in the bushes, reported The Times of India. The head and right hand broke off while they were moving it, so they threw them into a garbage bin. Authorities launched an investigation after the body parts were found, but have since dropped it. They say the mother does not present a danger to herself or others, and the children have been deemed mentally healthy after a psychological exam.

I struggle to see how anyone could just be ‘ok’ after dumping dad’s body in the bushes after three years but I guess I will leave that in the good hands of the Russian psychiatric community.

(Note:  The picture above is a representation and not an actual picture of the man.)



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