Baby Interrupts Dad’s Video Game Time, Gets Punched, And Dies


Let me start by saying this:  If video games are the most important thing in your life, you are not ready to be a parent.  Period.  This story is the male equivalent to the woman who let her child drown in the bathtub because she was too busy with her Facebook account.

Brian Frazier was playing a video games and his two week old son wasn’t cooperating with dad’s orders to be quiet, so Frazier popped his son.  And with whatever velocity he hit his son, it was enough to kill him.

And now the grandparents of the child are trying to make the Social Services offices culpable for not removing the infant and his brother sooner from the house.  Evidentially the family was living in squalor and Social Services knew about it.  But without out denying some blame on the State and it’s offices,  the charge of murder still falls upon the father and that won’t change.  There are no “do-overs” as it were.

Stefany Ash and Brian Frazier then went so far as to cover up the circumstances of the crime. Frazier is being held without bond for murder and Ash is being held as an accessory after the fact with a million dollar bond.




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