In Relationship News: Woman Kills Boyfriend Because She ‘Smells Sex’ Upon Him


Rachel Kozloff detected the scent of a sexual encounter on her man, Michael Henry.  This supposed act of infidelity was the last straw of their eight week relationship.  Kozloff had enough, and shot Henry multiple times until he succumbed to his wounds and died.

Eight weeks, huh?  I am trying to think how attached I am to something after eight weeks time and the answer fairly consistently is…’not very’.

A couple of facts to this story:

1)  Her 10 month old son was in the next room while she shot her boyfriend.  So I think we can deduce that her priorities were way off.

2) She had bought a .40-Caliber hand gun and a kit to convert the handgun to a 9mm.  Ummmm…who the hell is this?  Is she a trained assassin?  The MacGyver of murder?

At any rate…she was convicted of Third Degree murder.



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