In Relationship News: Zombie Apocalypse Argument Leads Man To Shoot Girlfriend


Jared Gurman loves The Walking Dead.   He felt very strongly that a Zombie Apocalypse was not just fictional but also quite plausible.   His long time girlfriend, Jessica Gelderman, disagreed and did not take him very seriously.   Big mistake, Jessica…BIG MISTAKE.  This debate surrounding a fictional show  was taking place over text message but when Gurman became despondent, Jessica took off to meet him at his place at which point he greeted her on his front steps with a semi-automatic assault rifle.   She tried to calm him down but got shot in her back for the trouble.  Her injuries included, a shattered rib, a pierced lung, and a pierced diaphragm.  Gurman is now being charged with with Attempted Murder.

In retrospect I once felt the same way about Transformers, albeit I was six…



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