In Relationship News: 78 Year Old Man Kills, 71 Year Old Wife For Failing To Make Hamburger


What constituted the violent end for Ana Gelsomino?  Her husband Bartolo wanted a hamburger, and wanted it now, and when she would not make it for him, he stabbed her…to death.  The scene was bloody and gruesome according to reports and all a product of nonsensical violence.  Bartolo is from Sicily, but we can’t blame it on the Italian temperament.   But based upon what their daughter had to say regarding their relationship, it is one based upon control and violence.

Ana and Bartolo were married for 51 years and the daughter reported that violence was a prominent tool used against her mother.  In the article from the NY Daily News (below) the daughter uses her mother’s silence of the abuse as a sounding point for others who endure similar situations.  But my comment would be, why didn’t she, the daughter who so lover her mother, do anything?  It’s easy to examine and question from the outside looking in so I will insinuate nothing.

Alas, all we know is that a sad little old man murdered his wife of 51 years for a hamburger.  He is awaiting trial for second degree murder charges.




Father Kills Wife And Self At Daughter’s Sweet Sixteen Party


It was his daughter’s sweet sixteen party but Kelly Suckla couldn’t get over the fact that his wife Kristi had separated from him. He showed up at the party seeing to talk to Kristi but that conversation soon turned into an argument. The argument then lead to Kelly pulling a gun, shooting his estranged wife and then turning the gun upon himself.

I can’t count the amount of murder-suicides that occurred in the last year on my hands and toes combined. It’s amazing to me what stress (or hate) can lead men and women to. But I am left to reflect on what their daughter is left to think. She will always remember her sixteenth birthday as the day she lost her mother and father to a senseless act perpetrated by one against the other. This tragedy will sting for years to come for this young lady.



In Relationship News: Don’t Bite Off Your Girlfriend’s Thumb While Driving…Or EVER


There are some thing that you just don’t do, and among those things is biting your girlfriend’s thumb off while driving.  Ricardo Davis dances to the beat of a different drummer I suppose.  As he and his girlfriend, Yvonne Martinez, took a pleasant drive to work, things took a wrong turn.  (Not literally, but figuratively)  They got into an argument and Yvonne put her hand in the face of Ricardo, who then gnawed his lover’s thumb off wit his teeth!   Once he severed the digit with his teeth, he spat it on the floor board of the car.  Doctors were unable to reattach the finger.

Now I want everyone reading this article to take a break and feel their thumb.   Do you feel the tissue and bone?  Now can you comprehend the force it would take for teeth to tear through that?   Shudder.   Damn…that’s a lot of rage!  Mr. Davis has been arrested for aggravated battery.


In Relationship News: Handcuffing Unrequited Love Is Not A Good Look


In high school I really liked a girl named Joann but Joann didn’t feel the same about me. And when I asked Joann out and she said no, though I was dejected I walked my walk of pubescent shame with dignity. OK, maybe not, but I did not try to handcuff myself to her and convince her I was the ‘one’!  Jason Earl Dean took that next step so he could get a “yes”, from his fellow Taco Bell co-worker in Ringgold, Georgia.   That didn’t quite work.  As a matter of fact, he got four years in jail and four on probation for an act that was considered, false imprisonment.  Bummer.

Turns out that Deen may have been living a fantasy life because on Twitter he would send messages to a variety of stars and in some cases he asked to meet them.

This guy had “stalker” written all over him.




In Relationship News: Man Refuses To Carry Laundry, Sets Woman Ablaze



Let me emphasize that this is one of the most atrocious crimes that can be committed against the fairer sex.  Dexter Oliver was pissed at something and then something in his feeble mind must have snapped in order for him to find some flammable liquid and set his girlfriend on fire.

Facts arrived today from news sources that, his girlfriend asked him to help carry the laundry to the laundry mat.  He refused.  And instead of helping the victim, he filled up two plastic containers with gasoline, chased down the victim at the laundry mat, doused her with the gasoline, and set her on fire.

What kind of depraved soul would do this to someone else?  Evidentially Oliver likes to beat his lovers. He has three convictions for domestic violence.   But to do something this horrific takes a healthy dose of evil.  And while his victim fights life threatening injuries, Oliver is being charged with attempted murder, aggravated mayhem, arson, torture, battery, various assault charges, and domestic violence.

Men…kiss your wives and your girlfriends and give your daughters a hug because there is a fair share of brutality out there.


In Relationship News: The Hair Not Only Faux Paus, But Harmful


Caleb Grotberg attempted to strangle his girlfriend with not with his hands but with his dreadlocks.  I don’t really want to know what position they were in to make that feasible but indeed it did happen.  She (his unnamed victim) was taken to the hospital for numerous non-life threatening injuries.  Grotberg is being charged with several felonies related to domestic violence including strangulation.

I hope at his sentencing they force him to get a hair cut because not only is it atrocious, but also evidentially dangerous.



Better Business Bureau For Prostitutes?



Scott Pipher felt he got stiffed. (chuckle)  He paid for services that he felt were not rendered.  He called 911 to get the police involved in the matter.  The problem?  He paid a prostitute for sexual favors which did not meet his expectations.  He claimed that Kristy Harmon (28) owed him ten more minutes.

The odd thing (ok one more odd thing) is that this ‘deal’ took place in March 25th and he was formally charged six months later on December 7th.  The press reports the case was handled by the ‘Department’s Special Enforcement Team‘.  I guess by special they mean slow and inept.   I mean, the man admitted he was shorted on sex.  He lives in Maine, not Nevada.   Oh well…Pipher is being arraigned on Jan 30th.