Better Business Bureau For Prostitutes?



Scott Pipher felt he got stiffed. (chuckle)  He paid for services that he felt were not rendered.  He called 911 to get the police involved in the matter.  The problem?  He paid a prostitute for sexual favors which did not meet his expectations.  He claimed that Kristy Harmon (28) owed him ten more minutes.

The odd thing (ok one more odd thing) is that this ‘deal’ took place in March 25th and he was formally charged six months later on December 7th.  The press reports the case was handled by the ‘Department’s Special Enforcement Team‘.  I guess by special they mean slow and inept.   I mean, the man admitted he was shorted on sex.  He lives in Maine, not Nevada.   Oh well…Pipher is being arraigned on Jan 30th.



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