In Relationship News: Man Refuses To Carry Laundry, Sets Woman Ablaze



Let me emphasize that this is one of the most atrocious crimes that can be committed against the fairer sex.  Dexter Oliver was pissed at something and then something in his feeble mind must have snapped in order for him to find some flammable liquid and set his girlfriend on fire.

Facts arrived today from news sources that, his girlfriend asked him to help carry the laundry to the laundry mat.  He refused.  And instead of helping the victim, he filled up two plastic containers with gasoline, chased down the victim at the laundry mat, doused her with the gasoline, and set her on fire.

What kind of depraved soul would do this to someone else?  Evidentially Oliver likes to beat his lovers. He has three convictions for domestic violence.   But to do something this horrific takes a healthy dose of evil.  And while his victim fights life threatening injuries, Oliver is being charged with attempted murder, aggravated mayhem, arson, torture, battery, various assault charges, and domestic violence.

Men…kiss your wives and your girlfriends and give your daughters a hug because there is a fair share of brutality out there.



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