In Relationship News: Handcuffing Unrequited Love Is Not A Good Look


In high school I really liked a girl named Joann but Joann didn’t feel the same about me. And when I asked Joann out and she said no, though I was dejected I walked my walk of pubescent shame with dignity. OK, maybe not, but I did not try to handcuff myself to her and convince her I was the ‘one’!  Jason Earl Dean took that next step so he could get a “yes”, from his fellow Taco Bell co-worker in Ringgold, Georgia.   That didn’t quite work.  As a matter of fact, he got four years in jail and four on probation for an act that was considered, false imprisonment.  Bummer.

Turns out that Deen may have been living a fantasy life because on Twitter he would send messages to a variety of stars and in some cases he asked to meet them.

This guy had “stalker” written all over him.





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