In Relationship News: 78 Year Old Man Kills, 71 Year Old Wife For Failing To Make Hamburger


What constituted the violent end for Ana Gelsomino?  Her husband Bartolo wanted a hamburger, and wanted it now, and when she would not make it for him, he stabbed her…to death.  The scene was bloody and gruesome according to reports and all a product of nonsensical violence.  Bartolo is from Sicily, but we can’t blame it on the Italian temperament.   But based upon what their daughter had to say regarding their relationship, it is one based upon control and violence.

Ana and Bartolo were married for 51 years and the daughter reported that violence was a prominent tool used against her mother.  In the article from the NY Daily News (below) the daughter uses her mother’s silence of the abuse as a sounding point for others who endure similar situations.  But my comment would be, why didn’t she, the daughter who so lover her mother, do anything?  It’s easy to examine and question from the outside looking in so I will insinuate nothing.

Alas, all we know is that a sad little old man murdered his wife of 51 years for a hamburger.  He is awaiting trial for second degree murder charges.




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