In Parenting News: Mother Smothers Child Because Of “Muslim Curse”?


I’ve heard of a few curses in my time but the “muslim curse” is new to me and I can’t wait for Chelsea Michelle Booth to elaborate on this ‘condition’ when it comes to trial time.   It is because of this supposed curse (that the father of the girl, Antwon Nelson placed on her) that she smothered her two year old daughter.  Kassidey Booth was smothered to death with the body weight of her own mother while she slept.  Miss Booth then wrapped her daughter in a blanket and placed her in the trash with refuse destined for the local landfill. 

There is so much talk about people having gun licenses now after the Sandy Hook shooting but if you read so many of these stories as the one above, how about we talk about parenting licenses?  I obviously Miss Booth is not of sound mind and could have used a mental health check.  There are thousands of kids who are killed by disturbed parents and an inept child welfare system, and that simply needs to be addressed.



In Parenting News: Mothers Don’t Prostitute Your Daughters

I can’t think of a more sinister betrayal of trust.  A child relies on their parent’s supposed better judgement.  They rely on their protection.  It is a hard pill to swallow when a parent knowingly puts their children in harms way.


In Nebraska, Michelle Randall (see above picture) was sentenced for prostituting her children throughout the state.  She apparently placed a Craigslist ad, offering “female companionship”.  That “companionship” was to be provided by her 14 and 7 year old daughters.  She then took her kids to the area motel where the two girls had sex with multiple men.  In looking at preceding news stories from earlier in 2012, we are looking at about 7 to 10 men who had sexual relations with these girls.

How important is money when you have to sell your children to the highest bidder?  That is a depraved  and sick individual. Thankfully the judicial system saw fit to put her away for life with all the counts of child abuse involved.  But what’s worse is that this is not an isolated incident.  One of the first stories I did on The Depraved Indifference was one in which a mother was engaged in the prostitution of her  daughters.

God help us…


In Relationship News: Jilted Lover Tries To Force Feed Engagement Ring



Faron Thompson’s fiancee and girlfriend of four years wanted to move out of their share apartment.  The two got into an argument and his fiancee left her diamond engagement ring on the kitchen counter.  These things did not bode well for Faron’s relationship.

When his fiancee came to retrieve the ring, he did what any rational, jilted boyfriend would do:  He choked her and try to force the ring down her throat. (Sense the sarcasm?)  He also supposedly said some hateful things like: ‘I am going to burn your house down‘. I am guessing as this story circulates around the globe it may be harder for Faron to find a date after he faces battery charges.

Incidentally, the woman fled the scene and called authorities from, you guessed it, Walmart.  (I think Walmart may be involved in some capacity in something like 10% of the stories we share here.)


Argument Over Dog Feces Brings The Guns Out…Two Die


Yeah.  It’s upsetting when dog poop lands on your porch and it’s something you might get confrontational about but it’s hardly worth blasting your neighbors over.

I think a lot of this story has yet to play out but the premise for this violence is absurd.  According to the police story this was all based over a long standing argument over dog feces being washed from one neighbor’s porch onto another’s.  Evidently, Mr. Kim lived underneath Michelle Jackson and Jamie Stafford.  According to police Mr. Kim shot Ms. Jackson on her balcony (was she leaning over?) then made his way upstairs and shot Mr. Stafford as he tried to escape.

Mr. Kim asserts that it was Stafford who pulled the gun first and he used his expertise in martial arts (he’s 75, and Stafford was 31) to disarm him and shot him in self-defense.  He does not remember killing Ms. Jackson at all. 

Dog poop…geez…


In Relationship News: Boy Likes Girl, Gets Hammer?


One thing that I have come to learn while operating this blog is that the male ego is fragile.  They don’t know how to take rejection.  The thought of being dejected or thought of as undesirable by someone shatters their idyllic world.  When I was a teenager, rejection just came with the territory.  You ask a girl out, she says no, you get on and move on with your life.  Not these days.  Let’s take case and point, Juan Garnica.

Juan was a childhood friend of one, Abigail Villalpando.  Villalpando said they would “always be just friends” according to her brother Ricky.   She obviously trusted Juan enough to meet him at a friends house.  That was inevitably her mistake…she trusted him and could not see his true nature.  He wanted to be more than just friends. We may never be completely sure as to what made Garnica snap, but he hit Abigail with a hammer, several times in the head until he had killed her.  He then had his friends, Enrique Prado and Jose Becerra, help dispose of the body.  And by dispose of it I mean to have it burned beyond recognition so she could only be identified through dental records.

It was depraved indifference to the life and death of Villalpando.  It was depraved indifference to her family.    It is sad and disgraceful.


Father Murders His Two Children, Forces Wife To Watch


This is the very definition of ‘depraved indifference’.  A man who was spurned by his wife a year ago because she filed for divorce was bent on revenge.  Isidro Zavala declined an invitation to go to a party Saturday evening citing “he had important work to do”.  That important work was killing his family.  The original plan was to kill his sons and his wife, but on second thought he wanted his estranged wife Victoria to suffer far greater.  So Isidro came into his former home at 2am on a Saturday.  Victoria awoke when she heard a commotion and found her former husband strangling their son.  He killed the boy with his own hands in front of the woman who gave him birth.

Victoria pleaded with Isidro to kill her instead, but he was about inflicting as much emotional pain as possible.   He then attempted to strangle his other son.  Somehow the two wound up in the dining area and when strangling the boy was insufficient, he shot him.  Then as all cowards do when they can not live with their unspeakable crimes, Isidro committed suicide.   The police sighted two wounds, one in his chest and the other in his head.

This is the world that we are living in.  This man was married to this woman for twenty years without so much as a domestic violence call.   This is a man who was God fearing and went to church weekly, but evidentially he didn’t fear God enough.  He was used to being in control of his family and when he lost that control, he snapped.  He had another son, Emanuel,  who was older and Isidro left a suicide letter to him before he committed this act the contents of which have not been disclosed.  His son’s response:

He was not a bad man.He was always a hard worker, trying to give us the best life he could.

Oh the evil that lies beneath the surface…


In Relationship News: Homeless Jealous Husband Sets Wife Ablaze



Something happened in Carlos Diaz’s life three years ago that made him lose everything.  His wife, Cathy Zapata, kicked him out their house three years ago.  His landlord then kicked him out of small space he was renting because “he was acting crazy”.  I am not sure what crazy was back then, but we can be proof positive of what it is now.

Carlos Diaz lured his estranged wife to a parking lot where he hit her on the head with a blowtorch, doused her with accelerant, and attempted to set her on fire.  Luckily, his wife is a fighter and was able to keep the torch from her face for the most part.  She did however have second degree burns.  And why did he snap?  Apparently he found a nude photo his wife had sent to another man on her phone.  Admittedly that would be hard for anyone to deal with, but that’s the time for a divorce attorney…not a match.

Apparently high on a does of revenger for every slight against him, he then went to an auto body shop where he once leased some space from Gerson Marchena.  He doused the place with gasoline, he attempted to ignite his lighter.  It malfunctioned. He then pulled out a knife, only to find someone else there confronting him with a baseball  bat.  Diaz fled and then turned himself in a short time after.

Mr. Diaz is now being held without bond with charges of Attempted Murder, Assault, ad Attempted Assault.