In Relationship News: Homeless Jealous Husband Sets Wife Ablaze



Something happened in Carlos Diaz’s life three years ago that made him lose everything.  His wife, Cathy Zapata, kicked him out their house three years ago.  His landlord then kicked him out of small space he was renting because “he was acting crazy”.  I am not sure what crazy was back then, but we can be proof positive of what it is now.

Carlos Diaz lured his estranged wife to a parking lot where he hit her on the head with a blowtorch, doused her with accelerant, and attempted to set her on fire.  Luckily, his wife is a fighter and was able to keep the torch from her face for the most part.  She did however have second degree burns.  And why did he snap?  Apparently he found a nude photo his wife had sent to another man on her phone.  Admittedly that would be hard for anyone to deal with, but that’s the time for a divorce attorney…not a match.

Apparently high on a does of revenger for every slight against him, he then went to an auto body shop where he once leased some space from Gerson Marchena.  He doused the place with gasoline, he attempted to ignite his lighter.  It malfunctioned. He then pulled out a knife, only to find someone else there confronting him with a baseball  bat.  Diaz fled and then turned himself in a short time after.

Mr. Diaz is now being held without bond with charges of Attempted Murder, Assault, ad Attempted Assault.



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