Father Murders His Two Children, Forces Wife To Watch


This is the very definition of ‘depraved indifference’.  A man who was spurned by his wife a year ago because she filed for divorce was bent on revenge.  Isidro Zavala declined an invitation to go to a party Saturday evening citing “he had important work to do”.  That important work was killing his family.  The original plan was to kill his sons and his wife, but on second thought he wanted his estranged wife Victoria to suffer far greater.  So Isidro came into his former home at 2am on a Saturday.  Victoria awoke when she heard a commotion and found her former husband strangling their son.  He killed the boy with his own hands in front of the woman who gave him birth.

Victoria pleaded with Isidro to kill her instead, but he was about inflicting as much emotional pain as possible.   He then attempted to strangle his other son.  Somehow the two wound up in the dining area and when strangling the boy was insufficient, he shot him.  Then as all cowards do when they can not live with their unspeakable crimes, Isidro committed suicide.   The police sighted two wounds, one in his chest and the other in his head.

This is the world that we are living in.  This man was married to this woman for twenty years without so much as a domestic violence call.   This is a man who was God fearing and went to church weekly, but evidentially he didn’t fear God enough.  He was used to being in control of his family and when he lost that control, he snapped.  He had another son, Emanuel,  who was older and Isidro left a suicide letter to him before he committed this act the contents of which have not been disclosed.  His son’s response:

He was not a bad man.He was always a hard worker, trying to give us the best life he could.

Oh the evil that lies beneath the surface…






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