In Relationship News: Boy Likes Girl, Gets Hammer?


One thing that I have come to learn while operating this blog is that the male ego is fragile.  They don’t know how to take rejection.  The thought of being dejected or thought of as undesirable by someone shatters their idyllic world.  When I was a teenager, rejection just came with the territory.  You ask a girl out, she says no, you get on and move on with your life.  Not these days.  Let’s take case and point, Juan Garnica.

Juan was a childhood friend of one, Abigail Villalpando.  Villalpando said they would “always be just friends” according to her brother Ricky.   She obviously trusted Juan enough to meet him at a friends house.  That was inevitably her mistake…she trusted him and could not see his true nature.  He wanted to be more than just friends. We may never be completely sure as to what made Garnica snap, but he hit Abigail with a hammer, several times in the head until he had killed her.  He then had his friends, Enrique Prado and Jose Becerra, help dispose of the body.  And by dispose of it I mean to have it burned beyond recognition so she could only be identified through dental records.

It was depraved indifference to the life and death of Villalpando.  It was depraved indifference to her family.    It is sad and disgraceful.



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