Argument Over Dog Feces Brings The Guns Out…Two Die


Yeah.  It’s upsetting when dog poop lands on your porch and it’s something you might get confrontational about but it’s hardly worth blasting your neighbors over.

I think a lot of this story has yet to play out but the premise for this violence is absurd.  According to the police story this was all based over a long standing argument over dog feces being washed from one neighbor’s porch onto another’s.  Evidently, Mr. Kim lived underneath Michelle Jackson and Jamie Stafford.  According to police Mr. Kim shot Ms. Jackson on her balcony (was she leaning over?) then made his way upstairs and shot Mr. Stafford as he tried to escape.

Mr. Kim asserts that it was Stafford who pulled the gun first and he used his expertise in martial arts (he’s 75, and Stafford was 31) to disarm him and shot him in self-defense.  He does not remember killing Ms. Jackson at all. 

Dog poop…geez…



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