In Parenting News: Mother Smothers Child Because Of “Muslim Curse”?


I’ve heard of a few curses in my time but the “muslim curse” is new to me and I can’t wait for Chelsea Michelle Booth to elaborate on this ‘condition’ when it comes to trial time.   It is because of this supposed curse (that the father of the girl, Antwon Nelson placed on her) that she smothered her two year old daughter.  Kassidey Booth was smothered to death with the body weight of her own mother while she slept.  Miss Booth then wrapped her daughter in a blanket and placed her in the trash with refuse destined for the local landfill. 

There is so much talk about people having gun licenses now after the Sandy Hook shooting but if you read so many of these stories as the one above, how about we talk about parenting licenses?  I obviously Miss Booth is not of sound mind and could have used a mental health check.  There are thousands of kids who are killed by disturbed parents and an inept child welfare system, and that simply needs to be addressed.



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