Roommates Fight Over Electric Bill, One Stabbed With “Decorative” Spear


Perpeatrator: Nicole Wagner


Most of us have been roommates with someone else at some point in our lives. We have had disagreements, but rarely did we take a decoration off of the wall and stab our roommate.  We may have wanted to, but we refrained.  Why?  Because we aren’t crazy!

The same isn’t true of Nicole Wagner.  She is just a little crazy.  She was crazy enough to stab her roommate, Amy Queen, with some wall art because she left a light bulb on and was wasting electricity.  I find it hard to envision how in the heat of the moment someone would thing to grab and stab another with a decorative spear over a light bulb.  Obviously, this was a situation that had been brewing for a while and culminated with  this “injury-by-wall-art”.    I will think again before I bring in some home decorative items from Pier 1 that can in turn be used as a weapon.  I leave light bulbs on all the time.



Murderers Explore New Fetish: Having Sex On Corpses?

Perpetrators: Adam Landerman, Alisa Massaro, Bethany McKee, Joshua Miner


Victims: Eric Glover and Terrence Rankins

I refrained on commenting on this crime before but the bizarre just get ever more so. Joshua Miner (the disheveled hombre on the bottom right) was told by his girlfriend Alisa Massaro that she fantasized of having sex on with a dead person.  I don’t want to understand the logistics nor the rationale for that but what Miner decided to do next was incredibly more bizarre.  Minor and his associates above lured Terrance Rankins and Eric Glover to his girlfriends home.  They robbed them and then proceeded to kill them.

Now whether it was the fantasy that prompted this homicide or the motive of robbery is up in the air but what happened next leads me to believe the fantasy played a part.  Minor invited Massarro to have sex with him on top of the dead bodies of Rankins and Glover. She initially rebuked his attempts but once he threw a sheet over the dead bodies, she relented.  The two proceeded to copulate on their victims. It is also suggested that Landerman participated in the sexual romp on top to the bodies.  After they had sex on top of the corpses and body surfed on top of them, they planned to keep the victim’s teeth as trophies. Now their is no proper decorum when it comes to murder but assuredly there is a way to make the atrocity worse and this was indeed the fashion.

The four individuals then attempted (I guess this means they failed) to dismember the bodies and continued to party while the two corpses remained in the house.  When the police knocked on the door, three of the aggressors were playing video games.

This crime was both nonchalant and grotesque.  Maybe it’s the fact that it was nonchalant that makes it grotesque.


Man Decapitates Mother And Poses For A Picture With Her Head In Hand


Perpetrator: Bahsid McLean


Victim: Tanya Ward

Terrifying Picture Of McLean Holding Him Mom's Head (Edited)

Terrifying Picture Of McLean Holding Him Mom’s Head (Edited)

Is this the whole ‘bath salts’ thing again?  Was this kid watching too many Walking Dead re-runs?  Was it a combination of the two?  This story is completely baffling for so many reasons.  First, Bahsid McLean, killed his mother, Tanya Byrd by violently stabbing her to death.  He then dismembered her body.  He then decided he wanted to upload a picture to his Myspace (it has to be Myspace) by taking a picture in his mirror (very Myspace) with his mother’s severed head tucked under his arm.   OK.  It’s an absolute atrocity to murder someone but it’s more so when it’s your own mother.  But to hold her head as a trophy for picture time after your deed?  That is some depravity rarely seen.

But here’s something else that is baffling:  He called his friend, William Harris to help dispose of the body.  I don’t know about you, but if any one of my friends mentions ‘disposing of a body’ all they are getting is a dial tone and a visit from the police department.   But what does Mr. Harris do?   He assists Mr. Mclean in the purchase of a table saw so they can dismember the body easier.  They are caught on camera purchasing the item at the local hardware store!  Unbelievable.  I hope that Mr.Harris gets a significant amount of jail time so he can sit and ponder as to when his loyalty became stupidity.  Obviously his soul is just as maligned as Mr. McLean’s.  On an aside, the police found Ms. Byrd’s remains in different plastic bags inside of some luggage.

Mr. McLean most recently showed up for court wearing a trash bag because he kept urinating on himself.   That seems to be the best way to prep an insanity defense…