Man Short On Cash For Family Disney Cruise, Robs Bank


Perpetrator: Cedric Swinson

What does it take to be a dedicated family man?  To what lengths would you go to have the perfect family vacation?  Well, if you answered “rob a bank” you are in the good company of one, Cedric Swinson.

Swinson drove from Charlotte, North Carolina to Satellite Beach, Florida on a suspended driver’s license to take his girlfriend and her kids on a Disney Cruise.  When he arrived, he was short on cash.  In a heated panic he did what any good family man would do:   He robbed the local Navy Federal Credit Union.  He did so without a weapon (though he indicated he had one) and by passing the teller a note to fork over some cash.  No one was hurt.  Once he robbed the bank, he hopped in the family truckster that waited outside where his girl and her kids waited.   The family had no idea what had transpired and he was apprehended within a matter of minutes.  He took an undisclosed amount of money.

So before you drive down all that way (on your suspended driver’s license), with your loved ones, wouldn’t you make sure that you could cover the final balance of your trip?  I think that would have been a better plan.  Instead of getting a Disney Cruise, the family got to witness a bank robbery and the embarrassment that comes with…



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