In Parenting News: Mother Refers To WebMD For Son’s Gunshot


Deborah Tagle: Mother Who Refers To WebMD For Gunshots



Perpetrator: Pete Jesse Rodriguez

This story offers ‘stupid’ on a variety of levels.  First off we have Pete Jesse Rodriguez, a 24 year old, was tracking a 14 year old with the sites of his handgun.  This resulted in him shooting the boy in the thigh.     Ummm, why?  They don’t have regular family friendly activities in Santa Fe, Texas?  Rodriguez is identified as a ‘family friend’ who lives at the residence.  (Note to self: Famiy friends with handguns not welcome in my house)

Secondly, after the boy is shot, his mother (Deborah Tagle) decides that a gunshot wound does not really qualify as an emergency and consults the ever popular WebMD website.  Not only that, but her son peels himself off the floor and helps his mom perform the search!  Now I am far from the perfect parent, but this is one of the most absurd things I have ever heard.  The only excuse for this is just a total disregard for your child’s well-being.   I can’t even comprehend.  But to her credit, she did eventually drive her son to the hospital…after seven hours had transpired.

And how did the police know what had transpired inside of the home?  Did someone come clean with the story?  Of course not.  But just like yours and my house, theirs was wired with security cameras which picked up the detail of events.  Wait a minute?  What?  Why would someone wire the inside of their house with security cameras?  Unless…<you fill in the blank here>

Last I heard both parent and shooter are in jail…



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