Child Hires Prostitute Via iPad, Then Becomes Robbery Victim


Perpetrator: Dareka Brooks


This story is a bit older but it can not go without mentioning because it involves so many unfathomable things.  The first thing:  A 14 year old boy uses his iPad to hire Dareka Brooks (22), a prostitute,  for sexual favors.  The second thing: The prostitute upon arrival recognizes that this is just a child.  Instead of walking out the door and waiting for the next ‘client’, she does what any sensible prostitute would do:  She pepper sprays the boy, steals his iPad, a Piggy Bank, and a jar full of money.

So where to begin?  Where did the boy learn how to hire a woman of ill repute via an iPad?  The parents need to get a refund for any computer classes they paid for.  Speaking of the parents, I can’t imagine how the police narrated this story to them. “Ma’am your kid hired and was robbed by a prostitute.”  Grounded for eternity.   But what do we say about a prostitute who robs a fourteen year old boy of  his Piggy Bank?  It’s probably not best to discuss ethics when regarding a prostitute.  It would be like complaining about the hygiene of the homeless.

Ms. Brooks is currently being held under a charge of armed robbery.



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